Standing Firm in the New Era and Scoring New Achievements to Usher in a New Stage of Foreign-related Legal Service

Вы сейчас просматриваете Standing Firm in the New Era and Scoring New Achievements to Usher in a New Stage of Foreign-related Legal Service

Today’s China wants to empower common development with rule-of-law and usher in the future with innovation and sharing. Focusing on the “two overall situations”, General Secretary Xi Jinping promotes the balanced development of domestic and foreign-related rule of law, and underlines the important role of the rule of law in advancing the reform of the global governance system. Beijing, as the role model for other parts of China in the new era, is on the grand journey of taking the lead in the basic realization of socialist modernization. Foreign-related legal services are an important part of the business service industry as they play an irreplaceable role in developing the open economy to a higher level and promoting the construction of the “two zones” with high standards. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Government as well as the Ministry Justice attach great importance to foreign-related legal services, and has issued several documents such as Suggestions on the Development of Foreign-related Legal Services and Measures on Reforming and Optimizing the Development Environment of Legal Service Industry in Beijing to further integrate foreign-related legal services into the capital’s new development pattern with the first-best standards. With constant expansion of range of services and platforms, as well as increasingly prominent efficiency, the foreign-related legal services industry has made significant progress in serving the construction of the “two zones”, optimizing business environment and promoting economic and social development.

Ranking Amongst the Best Players in the World and Raising Heights of Foreign-related Legal Services

The Beijing lawyers industry, with its numerous practitioners, large scale, high comprehensive quality, and wide scope of business, has made great contributions to China’s economic and social development with devotion and commitment, in order for the country to compete in the international legal service market. It has created an international team of lawyers well versed in international rules with a global vision and international outlook and capable of handling foreign-related legal affairs. Thanks to such a capable talent team, Beijing has forged a number of foreign-related law firms with strong domestic and international competitiveness. Many of the lawyers have been selected by the Ministry of Justice, the All National Lawyers Association and the Beijing Lawyers Association into the talent pool of foreign-related lawyers. It has distinguished itself in many business fields such as finance and capital market, cross-border investment, energy and infrastructure, and has made new breakthroughs in several emerging fields like cross-border data compliance, realization of dual carbon goals, meta-universe, etc., solved significant foreign-related legal cases involving WTO dispute resolution, anti-monopoly, anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures, and served major national development strategies including the Belt Road Initiative, Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and China’s all-round opening up to the outside world. A compilation of outstanding foreign-related cases and nine country-specific legal risk assessment reports have been compiled, and results of researches on topics such as law firms’ “going global” released, to continuously expand foreign-related legal services, explaining why the overseas branches of Beijing law firms have spread to 85 countries and regions. Exchanges and cooperation with the international community are also strengthened by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with more than 10 countries and regions, joining the Belt Road International Lawyers Association, and participating in the 30th Inter-Pacific Bar Association Annual Meeting and Conference, with more than 300 lawyers admitted to various international organizations, providing a Chinese solution for participation in international governance. It has transformed the industry from a “straggler” to a “leader” on the international stage of legal services.

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